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Ambassadors and Experts

Ksenia Testimonial

"Gives me peace of mind"

The team at SuperGreen Tonik stands out because of their transparency and authenticity. They've been athletes, so they understand the struggles. As a professional athlete, taking supplements that are safe and effective is of the utmost importance. I rely on my body and mind to be in peak condition to perform at my best. SuperGreen TONIK gives me peace of mind, and it's great knowing it's a supplement made by athletes for athletes †

– Ksenia Lykina, Top Professional Tennis Player

Jay Testimonial

"Absolutely feel the benefits of Supergreen Tonik"

SGT has quickly become a staple product in our facility. Whether it's our trainers mixing themselves a 'green juice' or our clients requesting one during their workout, the reasons for drinking SGT are endless. Our staff and clients absolutely feel the benefits of Supergreen Tonik, and look forward to their serving each and every day. †

– Jay, STF Houston

Max Testimonial

"Feeling good, like I should!"

Feeling good, like I should! Full of energy and improved sleep, because I'm getting my greens daily! Thanks to SuperGreen TONIK!!! †

– Max, Professional Tennis Coach

Tom Downs Testimonial

"I'm full of energy and my sleep has improved"

Since taking SuperGreen TONIK, I'm full of energy. My Sleep has improved, which is essential for a professional coach like me who travels week in week out. I feel fresher and healthier. I am thankful for this quality supplement and the positive effects on me and the players I coach. †

– Tom Downs, Olympic Coach and President of Education for the WTCA

† Results may vary from person to person

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Our Customer Reviews

Jon Testimonial

"Love the transparency!"

At least a greens supplement that tells you what's inside! Great ingredients that keeps me on my game. †

– Jon, UK

Albert Testimonial

"They are yummy!"

I love starting my day with SuperGreen Tonik. They are yummy and I know I have all the veggies I need for the day first thing in the am! †

– Albert, Spain

Kirsty Testimonial

"Love the berry taste!"

I follow a strict keto diet and use Supergreen Tonik to support my nutritional intake, absolutely love the berry taste. †

– Kirsty, UK

John Testimonial

"My arthritis pain has diminished at least 75%!"

I can’t believe how much better I feel after less than a month. My arthritis pain has diminished at least 75%! I’m sleeping better and dreaming almost every night. I’ve been sharing my experience with friends and family in the hope they will give it a try too. Thanks for making a supplement that really works! †

– John, USA

Ryan Testimonial

"I feel I get more energy"

I am a biochemist so I know a lot about nutrition and health...I take [ SuperGreen Tonik ] every day to stay healthy. I feel I get more energy and don’t get as tired during the day. †

– Ryan, USA

Daniel Testimonial

"Increased energy and focus"

After trying many green powders I finally found one that has great taste while having a solid nutritional profile. I’m a big fan of nootropics and it was great to see that Supergreen Tonic added them to their formula. I would give Supergreen Tonik 6 stars if I could! †

– Daniel, USA

† Results may vary from person to person

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Glenn Testimonial

"Best supplement that I have tried"

I’ve been taking SuperGreen TONIK for over a year and it is by far the best supplement that I have ever tried. I’m full of energy and mental clarity. I regularly gift it to family and friends. Health = Wealth. †

– Glenn, USA

Melanie Testimonial

"Increased energy and focus"

Starting my mornings with this shake has given me increased energy and focus. I love the minty flavor 🙂 I’m excited to see the continued benefits! †

– Melanie, USA

Kevin Testimonial

"We love the transparency"

We've purchased six more bottles and have no regrets whatsoever! We love the transparency of the ingredients and the great health benefits this has been providing for my family! †

– Kevin, USA

Jim Testimonial

"Calm clarity and overall good feeling"

I'm a 56 year old male who works the midnight shift. I take it before work in the evening. It enhances my energy; waking me up but not in a caffeinated way and provides me with a calm clarity and overall good feeling. I plan on continuing to use Super Greens Tonik as I feel it's the best green product on the market and I truly notice the positive way it impacts my health and life. †

– Jim, USA

† Results may vary from person to person

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Jennifer Testimonial

"Tastes so refreshing and good"

It taste so refreshing and good! I tried it with cold water it really brings out the crisp flavor so much more. I literally look forward to it every day and have to talk myself out of drinking it too early, SGT for the win! †

– Jennifer, USA

Frank Testimonial

"Haven't been sick"

Love this green TONIK! Been drinking every day for two months and I feel great. Haven’t been sick while everyone around me has come down with a cold. I drink it first thing in the morning and I can feel the energy it gives me right of the bat. Feels great to know I’m starting off my day with the best for my body. †

– Frank, USA

Andrew Testimonial

"More alert & better sleep"

I have noticed that I am now more alert, and my energy level has been pretty good throughout the day….and, I also seem to be getting better sleep. †

– Andrew, USA

Wen Testimonial

"Great taste, feeling healthy!"

I enjoy the minty taste and after 2 months can really feel the difference. I don't miss a day of my green tonik! †

– Wen, Taiwan

Sean Testimonial

"So much more energy & clarity"

I drink SuperGreen TONIK every day, I have so much more energy and greater mental clarity. I am really confident everyday knowing I get the right nutrition for me! †

– Sean, USA

Peter Testimonial

"Feeling good in and out!"

I have been testing it out for over a week! Great taste! Feeling good in and out! Excited to keep going! †

– Peter, USA

† Results may vary from person to person

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Robin Testimonial

"Mental clarity working wonders"

Love these greens! I've tried many and this is my favorite! Best taste of all... Who doesn’t like minty lemonade? Stands out with all of the ingredients for mental clarity working wonderfully for me! Even energy throughout the day and I can’t remember the last time I was sick! †

– Robin, USA

Jo Testimonial

"Afternoons have totally changed"

I have an autoimmune disease and afternoons were impossible for me – Since taking Super Greens, afternoons have totally changed for me. †

– Jo, Australia

Jonathan Testimonial

"I had WAY more energy"

SuperGreen TONIK really does work wonders! Not even a couple days after using it I started to feel like i had WAY more energy, I've been using this once a day every day for the past couple of months, just adding one scoop to a smoothie or even just some water and I've already noticed how much better I feel every day. Great solution for those that don't get their 5 a day naturally! †

– Jonathan, UK

Margaret Testimonial

"Big improvement in my energy levels"

I make sure to drink it everyday and I notice a big improvement in my energy levels in the afternoon when before I would feel tired and drained of energy. I have fibromyalgia and I’ve noticed that the muscle pain doesn’t bother me as much since I started drinking the TONIK †

– Margaret, USA

Laura Testimonial

"I feel excellent"

Tastes great with orange juice! It’s easy to tell the quality of the ingredients are top notch...I feel excellent! †

– Laura, USA

Jon and Freda Testimonial

"We're very happy converts"

At 78 and 76 Freda and I think our good health is probably due to the nutritional drinks we’ve been using for at least 20 years. However, a few months ago we switched to supergreentonik and our energy levels, mental clarity and sleep have all noticeably improved, so we’re very happy converts – thanks!! †

– Jon, Freda, Canada

† Results may vary from person to person

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Matt Testimonial

"Not feeling tired by mid-day"

First thing I noticed about SuperGreen TONIK was that compared to the other greens I’ve used SuperGreen TONIK tastes amazing! After only a few days I noticed an increase in my energy level and not feeling tired by mid day! I can’t wait to see the additional benefits through continued uses! I’m so excited to have found SuperGreen TONIK! †

– Matt, USA

Emma Testimonial

"Fills in the gaps"

SuperGreen TONIK Green Juice “fills the gaps” in my diet where I might have come up short. †

– Emma, Australia

Wendy Testimonial

"I am energized"

I am energized by using SuperGreen TONIK. As a teacher I have been finding it difficult to have the energy to make it through the day. Now I mix the SuperGreens with cold water and it keeps me motivated to get through the day. I highly recommend your product! †

– Wendy, USA

Ben Testimonial

" I have all the nutrients I need "

Every day I really enjoy my iced SuperGreen TONIK. In the Malaysian heat, this is a great way to enjoy a refreshing drink, that gives me complete confidence I have all the nutrients I need. †

– Ben, Malaysia

Toby Testimonial

" All my veggies in one hit "

I'm a fan of SuperGreen TONIK as it sets me up for the day. I got my daily veggies in one hit, so I’m confident my nutritional intake is 100%. †

– Toby, UK

Reza Testimonial

" Jam packed with nutrients "

Absolutely my go to greens drink. Tastes great and is jam packed with the nutrients I want. I recommend Super Green TONIK for anyone wanting an all in one supplement. †

– Reza, Japan

† Results may vary from person to person

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